The Revenge Shitting On Your Bed! – SamanthaStarfish Toilet Slavery

My flat mate has been an absolute bitch and she should be rebuffed! I will get my retribution on her […]





My flat mate has been an absolute bitch and she should be rebuffed! I will get my retribution on her for dealing with me like this!

For my vengeance, I will make a tremendous wreck on her bed! Watch me go into her room and get on her bed. What would it be advisable for me to pee on first? Why not straightforwardly on her cover!? I spread my legs and let the pee run everywhere on her bed! I snatch one of her pads and piss on top of it! Be that as it may, as I’m peeing, I feel her pad pushing against my pussy! It feel so great! I begin bumping the pad, scouring my wet pussy against it. I’m getting my pee all finished and my pussy juices begin streaming as well! Before long I climax so hard from riding my flat mate’s pad!

I notice a vacant water bottle and a dildo by her bed. I believe I will have a tad of fun as I’m getting my vengeance on my disagreeable flat mate!

I carry the suppress to my pussy and fill it with my pee! I take the restrain and lift it to my face. I close my eyes and spurt a touch of piss all over. It’s so provocative! I need more! I open my mouth and spurt my pee in! I’m groaning in delight! I lift the jug again and spurt the pee straightforwardly on the dildo while licking it. I suck on the piss drenched dildo and spurt more pee in my face! It feels so great drinking my pee and sucking on my flat mates dildo! Gracious bummer! The jug is vacant! Time to top it off once more!

With a newly piss filled container I set down on the wet bed and begin jerking off my wonderful damp pussy while showering the pee from the jug everywhere all over and into my mouth. I’m going to cum again as I screw myself with the dildo and sprinkle pee everywhere all over!

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to get truly filthy! My flat mate’s bed isn’t adequately muddled! I spread my butt and push out a monstrous piece of poop on her cover! Haha! That will educate her!

Good gracious! Was that the front entryway? Good gracious! My flat mate returned home early! What do I do!?

I rapidly get the crap and smear everything over my body and face and afterward my pussy. I hurl myself back and spread my legs open.

The entryway opens, she comes in, and I welcome her with my sodden, poo spread body on her dirty bed! I grin and say, “Welcome child, don’t utter a word, kiss me now”. I put a touch of crap directly between my lips and hang tight for her response.


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